Private Investigations Limited - 24/7 Service; Confidential & Discreet
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PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS LIMITED is an established and recognized investigation company with 20 years of experience in the field of investigations and security. We have a cadre of skilled, knowledgeable and internationally trained professionals who are ready and willing to assist you. Our company is committed to serving and satisfying the needs of the persons who contact us for assistance. All matters are classified as confidential with keen interest given to all cases. All cases are treated with a sense of urgency as each case is unique in its own way, sometimes requiring various ways and methods of addressing it. Ready and waiting to assist you is a reliable experience and courteous staff who will listen and advise you accordingly.


Our company is committed to serving and satisfying the needs of our clients

All cases are highly classified and confidential. We devote urgent attention to each case. We have a hands-on approach in dealing with cases, as each case is unique.

private investigations
Infidelity Investigations

This is a very confidential service because of emotions


Photo and video evidence provided to ensure clarity

Background Checks

Take no chances everyone should be checked out

Missing Persons

We locate persons who go missing

Undercover Operations

One of the most specialized skills used in investigations

Location of Assets

We bring all hidden assets to light for legal matters

Cyber Investigation

This includes complex, necessary, technical services

Insurance Investigation

We investigate fraudulent claims relating to accidents

Executive Protection

Services for formal & informal settings

CCTV Installation

We do site visits to assess and make recommendations

Civil Suits

We work with attorneys to handle aspects of lawsuits

Industrial Investigation

Investigators are used in large plants or commercial entities

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Private Investigations Limited is committed to providing a very high standard of work to our clients; to respect and ensure their privacy and confidentiality; to always demonstrate a great level of reliability, integrity, and honesty; and to be completely dedicated to obtaining results.


We abide by strong moral principles


We use our expertise to deliver results


We know how to help our clients

Private Individuals

Those who want that extra piece of mind

Skilled Professionals

Ensuring personal safety in trying times


Situations can arise in large agencies

Small/Large Businesses

We can assist different business types

Factories & Industrial Plants

Plant personnel can be suspects


We offer a wide range of general and specialized services.

We are available 24-hours and we are always ready and waiting to assist you.

Law Firms

Discreet investigations for lawsuits

Government & Private Agencies

National entities & private firms

Professional Organizations

Maintaining a firms' reputation

International Agencies

We work anywhere in the world

Foreign Nationals

Personal service