Background Investigation

Take no chances everyone should be checked out

Even people in authority are fooled. It is very important and necessary to perform a background investigation of new and sometimes existing personnel of small and large businesses, companies, corporate firms, professional organizations, commercial and industrial plants, factories, large corporations, and even micro enterprises.

Background checks may be beneficial to employers for various reasons:

  • This could help to weed out unsuitable or undesirable new applicants who may be dishonest by lying, producing false documents or by having a criminal past.
  • This could be a form of protection for employees and even employers from violence and disruption at the workplace.
  • This could help prevent theft or fraud.
  • This could prevent company espionage or sabotage
  • This could save the employer time and money by assisting them to put employees in suitable places according to their skills and qualifications.

Background checks may even be done on companies and institutions, as one party may be considering partnering or making a very substantial financial investment in the other one. Background checks on persons may be beneficial to private individuals who are interested in friendship and dating; who have met someone special or who may be doing business with someone for the first time; parents or other relatives may need to know the background of the man or woman who may want to marry their son or daughter. It is imperative that background checks be done by individuals or companies as this could prevent severe financial loss or emotional distress.

We have at our disposal a wide range of professional competent investigators who furnish reports and verification on:

  • Public Records Search
  • Prenuptial Investigation
  • Credit reports
  • Employment History
  • Professional Certification
  • Marriage, Birth and Death Certificates
  • Professional Licenses
  • Foreign addresses, credentials
  • Educational Confirmations

  • Criminal Records History
  • Court Records, Litigation History
  • Companies and Corporations
  • Medical History
  • Life Insurance and Motor Insurance Records
  • Accident Records
  • Business History (For Investment Purposes)
  • Foreign Businesses and Organizations
  • Names and Addresses