frequently asked questions
If you are considering retaining the services of a private investigator, you may want to know some background information regarding how you would go about choosing a reputable one. Here are a few frequently asked questions about private investigators and their answers.
Who is a Private Investigator?

A private investigator is a person who has been specially trained in the field of investigation. The job of a private investigator is to get information and evidence needed by clients for various reasons. They are trained to get things done in a particular manner which benefits the clients. A private investigator’s job is normally done very discreetly and confidentially using various ways to get the job done. This is a very broad field with many different areas to cover. It is an area of expertise that requires specialist training, special skills and techniques and an abundance of the necessary knowledge.

Who hires Private Investigators?

Anyone can hire a private investigator. However, law firms, businesses, insurance companies and private citizens may retain the services of such professionals.

What do Private Investigators do?

Private investigators offer a variety of services to their clients. Law firms may gather information about parties in civil or criminal cases by hiring a private investigator. Insurance companies often retain their services to investigate suspicious claims. Private parties may hire private investigators to find missing people, complete surveillance on spouses or unearth hidden assets to enforce a judgment. Field work consists of conducting interviews and completing surveillance work.

What can Private Investigators do that I cannot?

Private Investigator’s have access to several information databases that are not available to the general public. But more importantly they have the training and experience needed to transform the raw data into actionable information.

Most investigators have thousands if not tens of thousands of hours of experience working on investigations. To consistently conduct a successful surveillance and mobile surveillance you need an experienced investigator. Could you sit in a vehicle and take pictures and drive behind someone, sure! The downside is when you get caught or confronted by the police you can get injured or into serious trouble. Don’t put yourself into a dangerous situation and compromise the discretion of an investigation by trying to do it yourself.

I have already been to the Police. Can I still use a Private Investigator?

This depends on the situation and the circumstances. Some matters must be carefully analyzed. There are times when it can be done and there may be other occasions when it may not be advisable to do so but to let the police do their job. This especially applies to criminal investigations. It must be noted that a private investigator must never attempt to interfere with the work being done by the police. If they have certain information and they believe that it could assist the police in any way, they may share it with the police but they must always allow the police to do their job. Private investigators are used by members of the public, businesses, small & large companies, professionals and persons who need the relevant information and evidence for specific reasons.