Cheating Spouses (Husbands, Wives, Significant Other)

This is a very confidential service

This situation is extremely painful and it has a damaging effect on your day to day activities. It brings about chaos and confusion. The only way to end sleepless nights, headaches, loss of appetite and anxiety attacks is to find out the truth. Many times, you have your suspicions but allowing this to continue could lead to confusion, doubt, bad judgment and you become scared.

You need to confront the situation carefully without being detected. Be assured that information and evidence could be obtained very discreetly without compromising your identity or the identity of the person involved. Our agents are very experienced in listening to the facts presented, assessing the situation and advising and making recommendations for the necessary course of action, bearing in mind the delicate nature of the situation.

The Signs

  • Unaccounted unexplained absence at specific periods
  • The subject becomes very defensive, aggressive and insulting
  • The subject’s behavior changes and they start acting suspiciously
  • The subject’s phone is on silent or vibrates; they take calls and walk away speaking softly
  • Lies and more lies, their routine changes and they work late or they work everyday
  • A bill for an item or a restaurant is found and they explain to you that its not theirs
  • Of course, last but not least, you have found a secret cell phone.

Many times you are in denial; you don’t believe that it could happen to you. There is a sixth sense that keep telling you that something is wrong, but you have asked the person and you are now convinced that you are wrong. STOP, you may be right call us now, you will know the truth.

We conduct surveillance undetected; we provide valuable information; we collect proper data; we provide proper videos photographs and many more. We provide precise and proper valuable information which may be needed for legal purposes.