Locating Missing Persons

Locating Missing Persons (Skip Tracing)

People go missing for various reasons:

Some persons may be missing, because they have relocated without informing their creditors. Many times this is done unintentionally, with no ill intent.

Some people may be missing because they have relocated to avoid paying debts to family members, financial institutions, alimony, or other legal commitments. They normally relocate far away.

Some cases are mentioned below:

  • Witnesses sometimes go missing deliberately for fear for their safety; because the case has brought distress at home or has caused problems at their work place. Sometimes they do not view the case as being important to them. But on many occasions their appearance is vital in bringing closure to the client.
  • Delinquent fathers go missing for failure to pay child support
  • Many people fail to appear in Court whilst out on bail
  • Women normally disappear because of severe violence in a relationship or because they have found a new partner. They hide themselves for fear of the repercussions from being found by their spouse.
  • Some persons may have committed a premeditated crime and would be evading capture or arrest. These are normally criminal elements and they would try their best not to be caught
  • Teenagers may sometimes go missing from home due to an argument or misunderstanding. They have decided to run away. They sometimes run away with a loved one because of parental problems or because they have decided that they want to make it on their own.
  • When some adults or teenagers go missing their relatives may sometimes believe that it was not of their own free will. They may believe that their relative may have become victims of criminal activity such as kidnapping, murder or otherwise.
  • Sometimes individuals may have met someone special at some point in time and may have lost their contact number or personal information
  • There are occasions where people are trying to find a long lost love of their life or on old acquaintance
  • There are instances where individuals may be trying to locate their biological relatives for closure, e.g. mother, father, brother, sister or distant relatives who they have never seen before.

These cases may be complex at times. Based on the information provided by the client our investigators will always try their best to put the pieces together carefully and skillfully with the aim of achieving the desired results for our client. We must emphasize though that the information brought to us must be accurate. Over the years we have been able to establish and maintain a proper network of individuals in various institutions who are always willing to assist us.