Location of Assets

There are various reasons why persons hide their assets

They believe it’s their money and they only are entitled to it. They may have gotten it under certain circumstances and they believe that they deserve it. They believe that once the money is not located by their spouse, family members or business associate they would be financially secure or they would be able to fulfill their ambitions. It is very interesting, amusing, and surprising to find out where people hide their money and how they do it.

Judgments and Executions

The assets of an individual may be necessary to be obtained in order to determine if it is wise to seek judgment against the individual through the court. It may be necessary in order for judgment to be executed on an individual also. Often times people try to evade judgments by transferring their assets to family, friends, business associates or other acquaintances.

Property Settlement through Divorce Cases

On many occasions the suspicions of a spouse having money, property and other assets hidden are true. Some of them have carefully done it. They normally have it at a foreign location believing it to be safe there. Through the network of international private investigators that our agents collaborate locating these assets are sometimes possible.

In cases of Wills and Estate

This information is sometimes needed in situations where there are legal disputes in court. Depending on the circumstances the information may be vital.

Personal Reasons: Marriage

On occasions before a commitment is made for marriage one party may see it necessary because of information provided by the other party to verify it; or for their own satisfaction they would be interested in knowing about the assets of the other party. Depending on who they are they could see this as a way of safeguarding and protecting themselves.


Where there is a great potential of new business associations and partnerships clients do this to verify the existence of certain assets by their clients so as not to be put in an awkward position.

Child Support

On many occasions in order to evade paying alimony, child support or any other divorce related expenses or even to receive a better payment from their spouses, the other spouse may hide their assets.

Our company may be able to supply information on:

  • Employment Records
  • Salary Deductions
  • Court Records
  • Land and Property Titles
  • Judgments and Liens
  • Tax Searches
  • Company Searches
  • Business Associations
  • Motor Vehicle Records

  • Life Insurance Premiums
  • High Court Cases
  • Mortgage Receipts
  • Credit Reports
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Business Registration
  • Foreign Business Information
  • Foreign Property Information
  • Foreign Personal Records