Undercover Operations

Executing undercover operations, is one of the most complex, highly specialized skills used in the field of private investigations.

Undercover operations can very unpredictable and the investigator needs to be always creative and alert at all times. It requires good judgment, great foresight and the ability to assess a situation, and the making of quick and accurate on-the-spot decisions. This aspect of investigation requires the investigator to conceal his true identity and create a new one, relevant to the job at hand. It requires careful preparation and proper planning, as no one who comes into contact with the investigator, must know his true purpose.

The investigator must have adequate detailed knowledge of the assignment and must be able to look the part, sound, act and speak convincingly. The undercover operative must also be able to remain calm, especially in times of adversity. Private Investigations Limited has a cadre of highly trained operatives both male and female who are used in undercover operations.

Undercover agents are used in many different situations. These operatives could be used to assist in apprehending people committing criminal offenses, extortion, bullying, gang related activities, adultery, large scale stealing or illegal activity taking place in residences, commercial businesses, professional organizations, factories, industrial plants and warehouses, schools, Universities and any other place or institution.

Undercover operations, when done successfully, provide the client with much detailed information and very surprising revelations. The client may be able to save a considerable amount of money, better security systems could be put in place and it could avert disaster.